Friday, February 21, 2014

One third

I realized today that I am about 1/3 the way through this 365 project. One-third! That's crazy! Although there have been days I'm less than proud of my final image, I am proud to say I havn't missed a day. And really, if I do, I don't care too much. The growth and enjoyment I've got out of the first third of this project outweighs any stress it adds (which it does!) but I woudl still strongly reccomend it to anyone interested in trying one. If a full year is a little to big to bite off, why not try a 30 day challenge. Or 7 day. Or a month of black and white. Something, anything, to keep you shooting! Here are a few of my latest 365, however I've updated the page on the top of this blog which links to the flickr album where all of my 365 are posted if your interested in browsing them all.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Our Life is Here: February 2014

This post is part of a monthly blog circle with some fantastic women who I am lucky enough to call friends.  Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a seat, read through the circle, and enjoy! 

February in my neck of the woods can really be a rough month.  Winters are long.  The cold feels like it will never let up.  Cabin fever starts to set in.  Seed catalogs arrive in the mail and spring wardrobes arrive in stores and it leaves us wondering if winter will ever end.

I had the opportunity to head down to Lake Superior on a morning off from work.  I work full time, day shift, so I rarely get the opportunity to be outside in the morning sunlight during the week.  When the opportunity presents itself, I had to jump on it.

It was cold.  Very cold.  In fact, there was a wind chill advisory with expected wind chills of -20 to -30F.  I should have warmer clothes on, but I decided a cup of hot coffee would have to do.  After a few minutes of being out in the cold, it was back in the car to warm up.  I honestly didn't mind, I was having too much fun.

It was fantastic to get out with my camera.  By myself.  Watching the sun rise.  It made me realize I need to make it a point to do it more frequently.  

It also reminded me how beautiful winter is.  It doesn't have to feel so long, if you can get out and enjoy it.  I would however recommend warmer clothes and listening to the forecast before heading out for the sunrise. 

We made a conscious decision to life here.  Our life is here.  And I love it. 

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Monday, February 10, 2014

A 365 update

More 365 photos!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Frozen bubbles

It's been cold here.  Super cold.  It's not late enough in the winter season so be saying this, but it needs to warm up.  Despite the sub zero temperatures, I decided I'd try to enjoy the frigid temperatures by trying some frozen bubbles.  This by no means was an original idea, I've seen many many people take very great pictures much more impressive than mine, but it sure was fun! 

The bubbles are just regular bubble solution we nabbed from the summer toys.  The trick to getting them to freeze is to catch one on the wand, (or anything else you can get it to stick to, but our only success was the wand) and then just hold them there.  These were taken at night, and it was quite windy, so that was the biggest challenge. 

Like all photography, great pictures comes from great light.  It was dark, but I used a good ol' flashlight to light these.  Back lighting them by far produced the best looking images, having the bubbles between myself with the camera and the light source (flashlight) really allowed for the ice patterns to be visible.  I also took these with macro filters on my lens, because I don't have a devoted macro lens. 

We ended up poking a few to break them, which created a whole new look. 

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