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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Our Life is Here: March

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I'm going to be honest here, I'm ready for spring.  I like winter and all, but seriously, this winter has been record breaking cold.  With two little ones, it really makes it hard to get out and enjoy.  We had what felt like a heat wave of temperatures above zero which made me get outside!  I had heard that at a local park there was a penguin sighting on the Lake Superior so I took my camera with me after work one day and went to check it out.

Sure enough, out on the lake was a group on penguins.  Not to worry, these guys didn't get lost.  Despite the fact they look extremely convincing, someone with a great sense of humor made them out of plywood and did a great job placing them out on the lake, just far enough out to really make them convincing, but not so far you couldn't walk out to see them.  Whoever made them remains anonymous, but gave a good laugh to many people over them! 

I also walked around and got some other shots of the frozen lake and surrounding area.

 I promise next month won't be pictures of frozen things.  Not because it won't be frozen (it will be!) but I promise to find something a bit more 'spring' like to write about!

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