Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lovin' it

I'm still loving this whole photo a day project.  I needed to put that in writing so I can come back and remember that indeed I started with this great momentum- just in case it declines a bit. 
Day 6: the potty chart.  This girl is seriously motivated by stickers and stars and is well on her way out of diapers.

Day 7: Rewards.  A row of stars on that chart earned her a new book.

Day 8: Giggles.  No one can get this guy giggling like dada can.

Day 9: Directional light.  Practicing some directional light to bring out details with my (not quite a real) macro lens.

Day 10: Morning coffee.


  1. Is she a Curious Geroge fan too? All my two year old wants to do all day with watch "monkey".

    1. Oh, she's a huge Curious George fan! I can totally relate!


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